Herbal Hemorrhoids Treatment Options

Herbal remedies are very popular for a lot of medical conditions and there are two main types of herbal hemorrhoids treatments: the Chinese method and the Western method.

These are something you should consider if other home remedies have not given you the relief you are looking for and you want to avoid surgery.

There are many reasons herbal hemorrhoids treatments, although different from the norm, are preferred over traditional treatment methods. One of the most important reasons is the lack of side effects. Herbal remedies work as well, if not better than, as traditional treatments but are considered by many to be safer because people rarely have side effects or other dangerous reactions.

Western herbal hemorrhoids treatment options include the following:

*Using bovine cartilage in small amounts (about 2 grams) as a suppository to keep bowel movements soft, which both prevents and reduces the pain of hemorrhoids. For this to work, it should be done a minimum of 3 times a day.

*Butchers broom can be made into a solution that will help relieve pain and itching of hemorrhoids. You simply apply the solution on a damp cloth to the hemorrhoids for a few minutes.

*A small amount of camphor on a damp cloth applied to the anal area can help as well. This can be done a few times each day for best results.

*Peru Balsam in small amounts and reduced to a small percentage of strength can be put on the hemorrhoids once a day. If you are going to use this on more than just a small area, it should be less concentrated.

*You can use about 5 grams of poplar to make a solution that when applied to the anal area can help hemorrhoid pain.

*Applying a compress made of sweet clover flowers wrapped up and soaked in a piece of linen can be helpful as well. You can use this herbal hemorrhoids treatment a few times each day for best results.

*Witch hazel, which can be bought at many stores in a liquid form, can be put on a compress and applied to the anal area several times a day to help with pain and itching.

The Chinese version of herbal hemorrhoid treatment methods are a little more complicated and not easy for people from the West to understand. To really get what they are about, since they are so specific, you need to see a Chinese herbalist for yourself.

The Chinese break the causes of hemorrhoids down into what they call patterns and they say there are 5 of them. The treatment recommended varies with the different patterns. Here are the 5 patterns:

  • Bleeding as a result of hemorrhoids is called Intestinal Wind.*Constipation that lasts a long time is called Dry Intestine.
  • The symptoms of swelling and pain in the anal area and feeling hot in that area is called Damp/Heat.
  • When anal bleeding happens because of weak muscles in the spleen that cannot keep blood from releasing it is called Spleen Deficiency.
  • Hemorrhoids that grow large and are difficult to treat because of their size and the presence of a blood clot is called Blood Stasis.

Herbal hemorrhoids treatments are known for their safety and lack of side effects but it is still a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start one. You could possibly have a different medical condition than hemorrhoids or your current medication could interact with the herbal hemorrhoids treatment.

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