Hemorrhoids Herbal Medication

Hemorrhoids are abnormal varicose veins found in the rectal and anal cavities of the human anatomy.

Also known as piles and more appropriately referred to as hemorrhoidal diseases, hemorrhoids can be classified as internal, external, or mixed (internal and external).

In the United States of America, reportedly three-quarters of the population experience this troublesome and highly uncomfortable illness at least once in their lives, and they usually contract the mixed type.

Internal hemorrhoids invade the inner part of the anus, while external hemorrhoids protrude outside of the area. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that treatment for hemorrhoids be sought at the earliest possible time.

There are several ways with which you can cure hemorrhoids. While standard medications are still the most commonly recommended treatments, you can find many physicians who are willing to suggest alternative medicines to their hemorrhoids patients. Alternative medicines include hemorrhoids homeopathic treatment or hemorrhoids herbal medication.

As implied by its name, hemorrhoids herbal medication basically embraces the healing power of Mother Nature and uses products and methods that fully utilize the therapeutic properties of plants, particularly those of certain herbs.

Bleeding is one of the most common and complex symptoms of hemorrhoids, whether they are internal or external. It is important to consider the fact that hemorrhoids cannot be essentially treated when they are bleeding so if your hemorrhoids have this symptom, use a herbal solution to stop the bleeding before curing your hemorrhoids entirely.

Bleeding found in the stool can be a sign of several things – from simple anal fissures to complicated and more serious medical conditions. Before adhering to a hemorrhoids herbal medication plan, make sure to consult with your family doctor first for the proper diagnosis and recommended treatment.

You can treat bleeding hemorrhoids using two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of cayenne, mixed together in a glass of water. This combination is said to be the best hemorrhoids herbal medication treatment available out there.

Many hemorrhoids patients can surely benefit from this medication because bleeding occurs in most hemorrhoids cases. Once your hemorrhoids’ bleeding subsides, you can start treating the cause of your hemorrhoidal disease.

While there are now several treatments for hemorrhoids, the truth of the matter is that the medical world still doesn’t know the exact cause of the said illness. Factors have been studied, including pregnancy, diet, anal sex, and strenuous bowel movement, but the precise root of the problem has yet to be determined.

Making the switch to a healthier, fiber-enriched diet is one of the most failsafe ways of combating hemorrhoids with the use of hemorrhoids herbal medication. Some herbs you can count on to cure your hemorrhoids are butcher’s broom, rutin, and horse chestnuts.

Butcher’s broom has anti-inflammatory properties and blood-constricting abilities, making it a useful herbal medicine for hemorrhoids. Rutin, coupled with vitamin E, helps in relieving hemorrhoids symptoms.

Horse chestnuts or buckeye contains aescin, a substance that increases the elasticity and strength of vein walls in the anal anatomy. Taken orally or as tea (except for rutin), these alternative medicines are your best bet against hemorrhoids.

Do never treat yourself without the professional advice of your physician who has to be heard first.

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