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Hemorrhoids, also known as piles and as hemorrhoidal diseases, are a bulging vascular system found around or inside the anal and rectal areas.

In the United States of America, hemorrhoids are a common medical condition; they usually hit the elderly, specifically people aged 45 to 65 years old. In this country, an estimated 10 million Americans have the disease. Reportedly, one-half of the population over 50 years old have contracted hemorrhoids at least once in their lives. The alarming statistics is reason enough for patients and physicians to compare hemorrhoids medication and find the best one to counter the disease.

Hemorrhoids are classified into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids, with both occurring at the same time typical in most cases. Signs and symptoms of the disease are varied, including bleeding, itching, swelling, inflammation, seepage, protrusion, prolapse, and thrombosis. Bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids and perhaps the most complicated to treat since it may be a symptom of another, more serious medical condition or just a manifestation of an anal fissure.

Whatever type of hemorrhoids you have and irregardless of your symptoms, it is important that you get treatment right away. Consult your family doctor for the nature of your hemorrhoids and seek proper diagnosis and treatment. There are numerous treatments and to help you become well again, you can first compare hemorrhoids medication and then decide which way to go.

These days, homeopathic treatments for hemorrhoids are gaining wide attention. Homeopathy, known since centuries but only publicly introduced and popularized by Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century, is a kind of alternative medicine that adheres to the philosophy “like cures like” and uses serial dilution. There have been claims that homeopathic treatments for hemorrhoids go beyond the placebo effect, although a collective weight of clinical and scientific proof is still lacking.

There are several homeopathic treatments for hemorrhoids you can choose from. Mild hemorrhoids can be cured using these homeopathic treatments. As a means to compare hemorrhoids medication, the problem with using homeopathy to treat hemorrhoids is the probability of using the wrong remedy and delaying relief. This is so because you cannot select a different remedy right away if one remedy fails to allay your symptoms – you have to wait for a reasonable time, which could range from weeks to a month, before taking another dosage, which should be frequently monitored, for another remedy.

Another treatment you can use to compare hemorrhoids medication is surgery. Surgery for hemorrhoids is recommended when alternative medicines, including herbal or homeopathic hemorrhoids treatments, do not work or produce the expected results. Furthermore, surgery is best suggested for patients who suffer from serious hemorrhoids that become so bothersome as to affect their lifestyles or create medical emergencies like uncontrolled bleeding or the frequent oozing of pus, as well as severe rectal pain. Internal and external hemorrhoids can be removed with the performance of a hemorrhoidectomy. While this surgery, which is a safe and uncomplicated one, guarantees fast results, it can be costly.

Knowing the nature of your hemorrhoids with the help of your doctor can aid you in your quest to compare hemorrhoids medication.

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