Best Hemorrhoids Medication

Hemorrhoids, more appropriately defined as hemorrhoidal diseases, are a troublesome medical condition.

If you have one, it’s highly recommended that you understand your medical condition and find the best hemorrhoids medication at all cost and as soon as possible.

Hemorrhoids, when they are in their normal state, are anatomic features of the human anal canal, making up a line of pads that bulge well into the lumen.The anal and the rectal areas have a mucosal lining, the framework of which is composed of blood vessels, smooth muscles, and layers of tissues that connects the hemorrhoidal anatomy to the internal sphincters.

Hemorrhoids, basically, function as virtual cushion of your anal canal when you move your bowels.
Hemorrhoids become a problem when, due to several factors, several alternations to the said anatomy happen, which cause blood vessels underneath the anal mucosa to dilate.

Factors that contribute to the contraction of the disease include genetic make-up, anal sexual intercourse, pregnancy, jobs requiring long hours of sitting, carrying heavy equipment, and lack of fiber. The last factor has been deemed as the most significant.

Fiber is known to make stool soft and easy to remove. A change in food choices and switching to a balanced, fiber-enriched diet, which includes plenty of water and green leafy vegetables, can make a big difference and keep hemorrhoids at bay. Many physicians agree that this is the best hemorrhoids medication.

There are still numerous treatments for hemorrhoids that you can choose from, ranging from homeopathic or herbal hemorrhoids treatments to clinical treatments which may include surgery. To find the best hemorrhoids medication, it is highly recommended that you first consult your family doctor and inform him about the nature of your hemorrhoids, so that he can give you the proper diagnosis and recommend the proper treatment.

If your hemorrhoids are mild and self-treatable, your best hemorrhoids medication might be to try some simple self-care tips you can do at home. For one, you can take a hot sitz bath, preferably using warm water, and soak your anal area for at least 15 minutes 3 times a day.

After every bath, make sure that you dry the skin around your anus thoroughly to avoid tearing. Hot sitz baths can relieve symptoms such as swelling and itching, as well as pain.

If your hemorrhoids protrude, you can use creams to be applied topically on the problem areas or suppositories to be inserted into your anus. There are many ointments that work to decrease inflammation and relieve the pain.

You can also turn to nature for treatment. There are several herbal medicines for hemorrhoids, such as witch hazel, horse chestnut, and butcher’s broom. They are the best hemorrhoids medication if you want to be cured of your hemorrhoids without using too many drugs and chemicals.

If bleeding occurs and symptoms persist, your doctor, which should be consulted before any self treatment, might recommend surgery. This is the best hemorrhoids medication for serious and stubborn cases of hemorrhoids.

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