Hemorrhoids Medication

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are usually seen at the veins of the rectum and the anus, causing this part to be inflamed.

An estimate of more than three-quarters of people residing in the United States is known to suffer from the problem once in their life. However, people whose age falls between 45 to 65 years are the most susceptible.

In general, internal hemorrhoids typically create bleeding especially during a bowel movement. Although the presence of pain is not felt, it is a serious health problem and it is vital for the patient to be assessed by a certified health professional.

In case you are already suffering from the problem but are afraid of taking over-the-counter medication, here are some alternatives to hemorrhoids medication that are potent but not in a harmful manner:


These are basically a kind of plant compound that are famous for their ability of stabilizing blood vessel walls. They also help lessen inflammation and reduce anal discomfort. Although there are side effects, they are known to be gentle thus it is one of the most promising alternative hemorrhoids medication even for an expecting mother. Be reminded however that this is not to be used by those who are taking tamoxifen, a drug for breast cancer patients.


Studies show that fiber provides reliable effects which relieve common hemorrhoid symptoms including bleeding. Fiber is known to soften stool and therefore straining is highly reduced. During seven randomized trials that were supported by almost 378 people, it was found that fiber lessened the symptoms of the problem which includes discomfort, itching, and pain.

There are actually a lot of ways a patient can go to get his own needed dose of fiber, one way is by eating foods high in fiber; whole grains and vegetables are a common example. Moreover, Psyllium can also be taken, it is a powdered fiber supplement that is readily available every time you need a fiber shot. Never forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water when taking fiber.

Butcher’s Broom

The Ruscus aculeatus, better known as butcher’s broom, box holly, knee holly, and sweet broom has a long history of traditional medication for people suffering from hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Since it has been popularly employed by butchers living in Europe in order to clean their chopping blocks, the plant is named that way. Also, the plant is popular when there is poor blood circulation in the veins.

Witch Hazel Compress or Cream

This drug is created by a concoction of barks and leaves known as Hamamelis virginiana. It must not be taken internally rather it has to be applied topically on the anal region.

Horse Chestnuts

Comparable to the Butchers broom, this plant is very much recommended when the presence of poor circulation within the veins is seen. Most folks would use this to alleviate swelling and inflammation. This also helps in strengthening blood vessel walls.

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