Herbal Hemorrhoids Cure

Just imagine the flash of horror that someone might feel upon seeing his stool all wrapped up with blood.

Indeed, hemorrhoids is not a funny condition you can laugh about with your friends. It is even fatal in nature! Are you aware that despite the idea that hemorrhoids are not as worse as cancer or heart attack, still it can lead to death once left untreated.

Considering this it is better to seek the help of a physician in order to solve the trouble so he can prescribe the right things for your case.

It is sad to say but many people live in a situation where they do not have enough money to buy expensive medicines for this, and almost all of them would simply shake the issue off their sleeves and it could be too late before they finally deal with the trouble. If you belong to this group of individuals a herbal hemorrhoids cure is made for you.

A herbal hemorrhoids cure provides fast and effective treatment for the trouble while at the same time stimulating venous circulation. Herbal options are known to often work better than prescribed medicines or over the counter medications.

There are herbs available that can be used topically while there are others which need to be inserted into the anus. There are herbs that clean the area while some are employed to reduce symptoms. Therefore if you want to restore serenity and bring back the old you, you can try these treatments listed below:

* Bayberry, white oak, myrrh, goldenseal root, and salves are comparable to over the counter medicine that gives fast results.

* In order to lessen the throbbing pain, you can make use of fresh pulp aloe vera gel which you can apply into the anus.

* Make a paste out of comfrey root and add up a poultice in order to effectively heal bleeding created by the hemorrhoids.

* Elderberry poultice otherwise mullein poultice positioned against the anal area are known to lessen swelling as well as inflammation.

* Witch hazel can also works as an astringent thus applying this to the region would help a lot.

* You can also make a tea out of yarrow and apply it on the part through the use of a cotton ball. You have to do this several times a day since it is a good anti-inflammatory agent.

* Buckthorn bark, red grape vine leaves, collinsonia root, stone root, and parsley, can be taken orally in a capsule or tea form to diminish the pain felt. They are also good for inflammation.

* Try peeled cloves of garlic and add up some potato. You can use this as a suppository.

* Likewise, cayenne and garlic functions to ease troublesome symptoms.

Do not try any of the above options before you discussed it with your doctor!

The moment you are cured from the trouble, it is about time to practice safety prevention in order to keep it from coming back. One way of doing this is by taking 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil in addition to drinking plenty of liquids everyday.

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