External Hemorrhoid Cures

External hemorrhoid is the presence of fleshy lumps that surrounds the rectum.

The condition arises as a result of anal pressure that enlarges the rectal veins. If you are looking for a list of external hemorrhoid cures then this article is indeed the right one for you. Read on.

Ice packs applied on the affected part will lessen pain and the swelling

Sitz baths done with lukewarm water done about 10-15 minutes as often as possible per day is an effective external hemorrhoid cure. The swollen part must be dried smoothly through the use of a clean towel. Do not leave it wet since this will lead to adverse effects where the hemorrhoids will enlarge and more pain is felt.

Use hemorrhoidal suppositories to lessen the discomfort drastically.

Loose underwear is required. Also, the fabric must be cotton or silk to prevent further complications.

Hemorrhoidal creams, Vaseline, cortisone creams, and petroleum jelly can offer immediate improvement for external hemorrhoids.

The affected part should be cleansed every after bowel movement through the use of wet wipes to stop itching and pain on the anus.

To relieve pain temporarily, popping aspirin or acetaminophen (panadol) is also a big help.

In case, you already tried to do all the methods listed above but still you find yourself looking for external hemorrhoid cures then you need not worry since there are other options still available though they need medical interventions.

Injection sclerotherapy: the main goal of this process is to shrivel down the hemorrhoid lumps. The process is done b injecting a particular medical solution in the region around the hemorrhoid. This will provoke the rectal veins.

Infrared protocoagulation: this is done by administering infrared light onto the affected veins which will result to shrinking hemorrhoids given the fact that the blood can no longer pass through the coagulated veins.

Rubber band ligation: rubber band is placed within the bottom of the hemorrhoid to hinder blood supply from going into the affected vein. As expected, the swollen region will dry up thus it is most likely to fall off after a week or so.

Laser coagulation: this is done through the use of electric current in order to reduce the size hemorrhoidal protrusion. Electricity is given using an electrode probe that will also trigger chemical reactions to occur in order to cut off blood supply.

Hemorrhoidectomy: done through the use of scalpel and cautery devise. Sometimes laser is used, too.

Once the hemorrhoid is gone, you have to do some precautionary measures if you don’t want to deal with the problem again in the near future. With this, as early as now, start changing your probably bad lifestyle into something better.

If you live a sedentary lifestyle then it is about time for physical exercise especially with focus on the buttocks muscles. You should also consume as much pure water as possible and struggle to take in at least a glass of fresh fruit juice every day. Combined with the integration of fiber in your daily meals your situation will gradually get better over time.

Whatever you plan to do for your cure, get in contact with you doctor first to eliminate the possibility of making treatment mistakes.

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