Best Hemorrhoids Cure Tips

What is the Best Hemorrhoids Cure?

Hemorrhoids are one of the most annoying but relatively minor maladies. They happen when veins in the anus get inflamed which can be seen as lumps outside the anus or they can be felt as lumps inside. Due to the fact that this illness is located in a very private area, it is very hard to ask people you know to help dealing with it.

So what is the best hemorrhoids cure out there? Fact is, there are a handful of ways in dealing with this concern. So sit back, relax and get ready as we discuss the best hemorrhoids cure.

Cure #1
Keep the anal area clean. Do not vigorously wash it. And, do not wipe, but dab. If you wash your anus, use a mild unscented soap with warm water. After washing, keep the area dry by gently dabbing it with a soft terry cloth, you can also place some talcum powder on it, please note that you have to use pure unscented, not chemically treated powder.

Cure #2
Soak your bottom with warm water by filling up your tub or buying one of those specialized basins that you can place on top of the toilet bowl. This is called a sitz bath. You can also try adding Epsom salt to decrease swelling but plain water should do.

Do this as often as possible. For pregnant women, make sure you use sterilized water. Again, after this, keep the anal area clean and dry by patting. By many this is considered the best hemorrhoids cure.

Cure #3
Topical creams and suppositories are also available over-the-counter and they provide relief from irritation and give lubrication. A number of them have an active ingredient that can dull the pain and may offer faster relief and some of them have an ingredient that can reduce the swelling.

A word of caution though, some people are allergic to some ingredients of these creams so it is best to do a test on your skin (by applying it at the back of you hand) before the actual application to your anal area. You may end up with a more serious condition.

Cure #4
If you have already consulted a doctor, he may suggest rubber band litigation. This procedure is not really that invasive and it does not require any anesthesia (local anesthesia may be administered at the request of the patient who is highly sensitive to pain). Basically, what happens is that the hemorrhoid is killed by blocking blood flow to it by wrapping a band on its base.

This kills the hemorrhoid in a week or so, allowing it to just fall off with the bowel movement with the rubber band. You may have to come back to your physician if you have more than one hemorrhoid. Some people think of this as the best hemorrhoids cure.

Solutions to hemorrhoids range from the simple to the one requiring professional assistance. You may choose whichever one that may suit your condition. You do not have to bear suffering hemorrhoids anymore with the help of these cures.

Just keep in mind that even if you go for the best hemorrhoids cure it is always a good idea to see your doctor before starting a treatment on your own.

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