What is the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Hemorrhoids are also called piles and are the result of dilation in the veins.

Many people who are constipated a lot, women who are pregnant, people who do a lot of heavy lifting at work or home, and people who eat a lot of spicy food get hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be hereditary and families can have a history of problems with weak veins.

If you develop hemorrhoids. Here is some information about the best hemorrhoid treatment. This treatment requires you to do a series of things but they are not complicated. It is not easy to treat hemorrhoids in just one simple step but things like changing the foods you eat and talking to your doctor can help.

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment – First Step: Fiber and Water

Fiber helps people with hemorrhoids by holding in water and allowing the stool to stay soft so it passes through the bowels easier.

You can get fiber from foods like fruit, grains and vegetables. The more of these you eat, the more fiber you will get into your system and that will help your hemorrhoids.

An alternative to eating high fiber foods is to take a supplement that gives you your daily supply of fiber. You can buy these supplements at any local store and they are not too expensive.

Another thing to remember is that you need to drink a lot of water. About 8 glasses a day is what is recommended. This will make your bowel movements healthier and less damaging to your hemorrhoids.

Things like coffee and soda do not count towards your daily water intake. The best thing for you is water. The more you do the things in step one the less pressure your hemorrhoids will have on them.

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment – Second Step: Soak and Soak Some More

An Epsom salt bath is a great way to relieve the pain and suffering from hemorrhoids. All you do is put enough water to cover your hemorrhoids and a little bit of Epsom salt in the tub and soak away. This will give you a lot of relief and it is very relaxing as well.

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment – Third Step: The Witch!

What does that mean? Witch hazel is what this step refers to. Witch hazel is an astringent that comes from the bark of certain plants. It works on hemorrhoids by tightening and hardening the veins to reduce inflammation.

All you need to do to reduce the size of your hemorrhoids is keep chilled witch hazel in the fridge. You apply the witch hazel with a cotton ball or other similar applicator to the areas of the hemorrhoids and let the applicator stay there to soak the witch hazel in for about 60 minutes.

Then dry the area by patting it with another cotton ball. Do not wipe or rub because that will make the hemorrhoids worse. Cornstarch can be applied to the area to reduce dampness.

These are the three steps that make up the best hemorrhoid treatment you can find. If you don’t get relief from these steps and especially if you find blood in your stool, you should talk to your doctor because you will probably require a more serious treatment method. The blood could also be caused by rectal cancer so don’t ignore it!

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