Hemorrhoids and Treatment Options

The area around the anus are full of veins and arteries.

The veins and arteries serve to form pads around the anus and the anorectal areas. The anal and anorectal area is complex and consists of a mucus lining, muscles and supporting tissue, blood vessels and more tissue and all this is connected to the anal muscles called the sphincter.

The way the anal area is set up makes it able to protect the anal area from damage during bowel movements. Hemorrhoids are there all the time but they should be primarily protecting the anus, not causing pain. Here is some information about hemorrhoids and treatment options.

Sometimes bowel movements can be painful and uncomfortable and that is when hemorrhoidal disease can occur. Along with painful bowel movements, doing something that changes the shape or structure of the anus can also cause hemorrhoids.

This kind of unusual activity damages the blood vessels in and around the anus. Things that can cause hemorrhoids include constipation, painful bowel movements, pregnancy, and sexual intercourse.

Hemorrhoids and treatment options come in different forms. The way hemorrhoids are described is based on where they are located. There are internal, external and internal-external hemorrhoids. All of these are treated in a different way. Internal hemorrhoids are those that develop inside the anus under the anal lining.

They are enclosed in the mucus membrane so you can’t see them. The reason this type of hemorrhoids occur is that the anal veins weaken and become vulnerable. That allows the veins to swell and grow in size. External hemorrhoids are those that occur outside the anus near the detante line.

They appear as swollen and inflamed growths and skin irritation in the area usually occurs as well. Some people end up dealing with both internal and external hemorrhoids simultaneously. This is called internal-external hemorrhoids.

You have many choices when it comes to hemorrhoids and treatment. There are many ways to deal with the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids without taking medication. You can sit in a warm bath for a few minutes several times a day to relieve pain, use non-allergenic soaps and creams on the anal area, and stay hydrated with lots of water so your stools are not hard and painful to pass.

These suggestions will work for mild cases of hemorrhoids but if you have more severe hemorrhoids, you may require a more serious treatment method. There are many surgical options including rubber band ligation, cryotherapy, hemorrhoidectomy, laser therapy and infrared coagulation therapy.

You have options when it comes to hemorrhoids and treatments but it is best to do what you can to avoid getting them in the first place. You can do a lot of of simple things to live a healthy life that will also keep you from developing hemorrhoids or keep them from returning if you have had them in the past.

Things to remember include going to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge and not waiting, not putting pressure on your anus during bowel movements, and not straining your muscles either.

Things to do every day include drinking a lot of water so your stools stay soft, eating a well balanced diet with lots of fiber and fresh produce and avoiding junk foods and fattening foods.

These are not difficult to do and will also improve your overall health.Hemorrhoids are painful and difficult to deal with so do you what you can to see that they don’t happen to you.

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