External Hemorrhoids Treatment Options

Hemorrhoids are something no one wants to have to deal with.

They cause unbearable itching, pain and swelling and are embarrassing. You don’t want people wondering what kind of weird sexual things you are into that caused your hemorrhoids or calling you names and mocking you.

People often judge those who develop hemorrhoids unfairly without knowing that there are many reasons this condition happens to people. You should know about your external hemorrhoids treatment options in case this happens to you.

Hemorrhoids happen when something goes wrong with your body especially in the area of your anus. We all have hemorrhoids that naturally protect the anal canal from damage due to defecation.

These hemorrhoids are made up of a mucus lining, veins and blood vessels, tissue and muscles and more tissue that help support the anal canal and sphincter muscles. Hemorrhoids become a problem when you strain the veins by using too much pressure during bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids come in two forms: internal and external. The two types of hemorrhoids are very much alike and the symptoms for each kind are often the same or at least very similar. The symptoms include pain, swelling and inflammation, sensitivity to touch, bleeding or other discharge, thrombosis, discoloration and more.

The reason for these symptoms is that the swelling in the veins that causes the hemorrhoids stops blood flow from getting through.

The location of external hemorrhoids in the anal area is below the detante line. External hemorrhoids are usually characterized by swollen and inflamed masses in the anal area that have skin irritation as well and are painful to the touch and pressure sensitive. External hemorrhoids, as compared to internal hemorrhoids, are actually less severe and cause less pain but they can become serious if left untreated or if treatments do not work.

Thrombosis can occur if blood clots start to develop in the hemorrhoids and that can be very dangerous. You should always seek treatment right away for external hemorrhoids so things don’t get this bad.

There are many external hemorrhoids treatment options including medical treatments or natural treatments. Both types of hemorrhoids will be helped by sitting in a bath with warm water for a few minutes several times a day. This is an easy and effective external hemorrhoids treatment and helps internal hemorrhoids as well.

Other external hemorrhoids treatment options include using topical treatments like creams and ointments. Herbal supplements are also available that you swallow in capsule form to treat your hemorrhoids. Another easy way to treat your hemorrhoids is to make sure you use soaps and other products with no artificial ingredients to avoid irritation to the anal area.

No one really knows exactly what causes external hemorrhoids yet. There are things that can contribute to the development of hemorrhoids, though, including not getting enough fiber in your diet every day. Adding more fiber to your diet is easy and will improve your overall health and help you avoid developing hemorrhoids.

You should eat a lot of fresh produce every day and stay away from fattening foods and junk foods. Also, staying hydrated with lots of water is going to help relieve hemorrhoid pain.

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