Hemorrhoid Home Remedies That Really Work

Hemorrhoids are caused by broken veins in the anus that swell and become painful and itchy because of poor nutrition or prolonged constipation.

Having hemorrhoids is a very unpleasant experience. It is hard to focus on your daily activities when you are so uncomfortable. If your hemorrhoids are not too serious, you can find several hemorrhoid home remedies that will relieve your pain and suffering.

Getting the proper medical treatment is still important but you can use these hemorrhoid home remedies to deal with the pain in the mean time. Here are some ideas.

Use witch hazel, an herbal treatment, to decrease the size and pain of hemorrhoids. It is easy! Just put a cotton ball covered with witch hazel on the hemorrhoids and leave it there for at least 60 minutes. You can do this as much as twice a day. If you add an ice cube to the cotton ball, it will help even more. This is one of the hemorrhoid home remedies that has helped many people.

It may sound painful and it is temporarily, but it really helps decrease the size and long term pain of hemorrhoids if you apply Vick’s Vapor Rub to them. A small amount rubbed on the anal area where the hemorrhoids are will burn for a minute but than it will really start to shrink the hemorrhoid. This can be done up to twice a day.

Even something as simple as sitting in a bathtub filled up halfway or so with warm water will help relieve the pain of hemorrhoids. Epsom salt added to the bath will really be a great hemorrhoid home remedy to try if you have it handy.

When you have hemorrhoids, make sure to dry the area after every shower, bath or every time you use the restroom. Pat dry gently so not to further increase your pain from the condition. Corn starch applied to the area after drying will help even more.

If you have garlic at home, you can make an easy hemorrhoid home remedy. Simply poke the garlic with a knife to release the smell and essence of the garlic and then rub it on the area where your hemorrhoids are. It will hurt for a second but it will really help decrease their size. This may sound weird but it really works!

Cabbage that has been chopped and left in the fridge to cool can be a great hemorrhoid home remedy. Just sit on a pile of cooled cabbage when the hemorrhoid pain is really bad.

Carrots also make a good hemorrhoid home remedy. Finely chopped carrots left to sit in the fridge and then with some of the juice drained off can be a good treatment if you sit on the carrots and juice in a cloth bag. You can do this several times a day.

While some of these hemorrhoid home remedies may sound silly, they are all things that have worked for a lot of people with painful hemorrhoids. Using these hemorrhoid home remedies as well as eating a diet rich with fiber and a lot of water will help get rid of your hemorrhoids and keep them from coming back again in the future.

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