Compare Hemorrhoids Remedy Options to Find the Best Treatment

People who have hemorrhoids would love to find a home treatment that works.

Piles, as hemorrhoids are also called, can be painful and the itching can drive you crazy. The only way to figure out what treatment is best for you with all the choices out there is to compare hemorrhoids remedy options to see which one you should try.

Many different treatment options exist to treat the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids. The problem is that all treatments work differently for different people because of our unique body chemistry. The following are some treatments you might want to consider:

Getting plenty of fiber in your diet every day is a great way to deal with hemorrhoids. The more fiber you eat, the easier it will be to pass your bowel movements without pain. You may also have less itching and less pain.

You should include a lot of fresh produce in your diet and plenty of grains. If you feel you need a fiber supplement, look for something with psyllium in it. You can find a lot of fiber drinks that say they will help with your hemorrhoids so you need to compare hemorrhoids remedy options in this area carefully to get the best results.

If you drink at least 6 glasses of water a day, you are less likely to be constipated and that will reduce your chances of having your hemorrhoids get worse. The more you put pressure on the area during bowel movements, the worse the hemorrhoids are going to get and they may even start bleeding at some point.

There are products that can help make your anal veins stronger. Supplements with plant compounds or bioflavanoids as they are also called reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids and make them less inflamed. For the best results, you should use supplements with plant compounds along with herbal treatments. This combination of medication produces little or no side effects.

Citrus fruits are a good source of bioflavanoids. Women who are pregnant will possibly have an easier delivery with less bleeding, pain and discharge if they get enough bioflavanoids in their diet during their pregnancy.

Witch hazel makes a great topical treatment for hemorrhoids when you compare hemorrhoids remedy treatment options. The witch hazel comes from plants (specifically the leaf and bark of the plant) with the scientific name of  Hamamelis Virginiana. When a damp compress or cloth with witch hazel is used on the anal area, there is less bleeding and the hemorrhoids start to dry up.

You should also compare hemorrhoids remedy treatments that you take by mouth. A lot of people find that chamomile and lemon tea are two treatments that help keep hemorrhoids from occurring in the first place. Other herbal teas and drinks also have a similar affect.

The only way to compare hemorrhoids remedy treatments like these is to keep trying different ones until you find the one that works best for you.

Other people who compare hemorrhoids remedy options find that horse chestnut and butcher’s broom when taken by mouth are good for reducing the swelling and inflammation of hemorrhoids.

These substances also are thought to increase vein strength. When you do a comparison of herbs, you will find that horse chestnut is the one that can be used in the most ways since it can be swallowed or applied to the affected area. The only part of horse chestnut that should be used is the bark, though, because the rest is poisonous.

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