External Hemorrhoids Cream

If you’re having problems with bowel movement or experiencing a lot of constipation, chances are you might have hemorrhoids.

More than 85 percent of Americans have suffered from hemorrhoids at one point in their lives. Even famous people like Napoleon, US President Jimmy Carter, and baseball player George Brett were plagued by hemorrhoids.

One of the common forms of hemorrhoids are external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by many various reasons such as constipation, sitting for a long time, being overweight, and anal intercourse.

Lifting heavy things, smoking, or chronic asthma or cough can also cause hemorrhoids due to the pressure in the intraabdominal area. A low fiber diet also causes hemorrhoids because it makes stools harder which strains the veins and skin in the anus.

External hemorrhoids are a visible dilated mass of veins and tissue located under the skin surrounding the anus. They sometimes appear blue but they become red due to inflammation. External hemorrhoids cause pain and discomfort especially when sitting or standing too long. It is also painful during bowel movement when the stool scrapes by the protruding hemorrhoids.

There are various ways of treating external hemorrhoids. Some engage in home treatments such as sitting on lukewarm water for about 15 minutes or applying an ice pack to the inflamed area. Other who suffer from external hemorrhoids use cushions to provide some ease when they are sitting.

However, the most common way of dealing with hemorrhoids is usually through over the counter drugs. There are many external hemorrhoids creams in many drugstores and a lot are also available online. External hemorrhoids cream are topical creams which are analgesic and helps relieve the pain and provides lubricant for bowel movement.

The most common creams are Preparation H (a vasoconstrictor which decreases the size of the veins) or petroleum jelly like Vaseline. These creams contain active ingredients that help ease the pain from the inflamed hemorrhoids and also prevent incurring any more damage to them.

With the advent of natural healing and medicine people are more open to organic means to alleviate pain and sickness. There is a herbal external hemorrhoids cream which has many essential oils as its ingredients.

Hemorrhoids No More is one such herbal cream. If the hemorrhoids are especially more severe than usual, doctors apply steroids to deal with the pain and hopefully, make the hemorrhoid grow smaller.

If you want to relieve your hemorrhoids effectively, get an external hemorrhoids cream with hydro cortisone, but you need your doctor’s prescription for this.

Despite the fact that there are many external hemorrhoid creams out on the market, it is always best to prevent getting hemorrhoids than curing them. Eating a lot of high-fiber foods such as whole grains and fruits. Avoid eating foods with a lot of salt content. An intake of a lot of fluids also helps in making the stool softer.

Those who consistently suffer from external hemorrhoids should learn to watch their weight because a heavy stomach adds pressure to the abdomen leading to external hemorrhoids.

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