Creams for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

If you have noticed some blood in your stool when you have had your bowel movement, you may have bleeding hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are painful and burning inflamed veins and skin anal tissue which are caused when you have hard stool. Hard stools are rough against the tissue and causes the veins to swell and sometime can even cause cuts and fissures.

Rectal blood may not always mean that you have hemorrhoids. It may be a symptom of something worse so when you find blood in your stool, you should immediately call your doctor to have a check-up. It is always better safe than sorry.

Bleeding in the anal area may be caused by internal hemorrhoids and also by anal fissures. Internal hemorrhoids are lumps and swollen mass inside the anal canal itself. Often, it cannot be seen but can be felt and touched. Internal hemorrhoids are very sensitive that is why it may bleed when hard stool passes through the canal.

Anal fissures, on the other hand, are cuts in the anal tissues which can also be caused by hard stool. If you often experience constipation, you are in great danger of having hemorrhoids. To avoid constipation, you should eat lots of fiber-rich foods and drink lots of fluids especially water.

The trick to getting rid of bleeding hemorrhoids is not only to use a cream for bleeding hemorrhoids, but also to have some changes in your food intake. Lots of fiber will lessen episodes of constipation and will make your stool softer and lubricated – making the bowel movement easier and more comfortable.

Self-medication in hemorrhoids is common because it is more convenient and more inexpensive for the individual. Sufferers of bleeding hemorrhoids have access to over the counter medicines and creams so that they can have relief from the pain and the itchiness.

However, it is not recommended, in fact, it is discouraged to use over the counter hemorrhoid creams on bleeding hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids This is because internal hemorrhoids are open and whatever you put on them will be sucked into the bloodstream. Ingredients in the creams may not be always helpful for the body.

There are specific creams for bleeding hemorrhoids that doctors can prescribe for you. Creams for bleeding may contain ingredients such as lidocaine to alleviate the pain as it works as a pain killer. Some may work as a vasoconstrictor – working directly on the vein to make it smaller by regulating and lessening the blood flow.

A cream for bleeding hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids contains protective bases such as gel, cocoa butter, mineral oil, and glycerin to prevent the chemicals from being absorbed by the body.

After the cream has worked on the hemorrhoids, it is not enough to merely leave it at that. You should and must start on a new diet regimen so that you can prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids in the future.

High-fiber foods help in softening the stool and making bowel movement more comfortable. If you are overweight, you should lose weight to reduce intraabdominal pressure.

In case of any doubt see your doctor or ask medical advice from a professional.

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