Compare Hemorrhoids Cream Preparations

Before you start taking medication you should check with your doc what he suggests for your case but if there is no professional available you should first compare the possible medication.

Compare the available hemorrhoids cream medication as these are probably the best choice to start with.

Having hemorrhoids can be annoying, painful, and very uncomfortable. Sitting down for prolonged periods of time can really hurt due to the pressure that the body puts on the problem zone. Carrying heavy objects also hurts when you have them. If you do have hemorrhoids – don’t worry, you are not alone.

Hemorrhoids are relatively easy to treat but require a change in lifestyle especially in the diet. If you are not pregnant or you do not have chronic asthma or cough, chances are, the reason you have hemorrhoids is because of the food you eat. If you eat more fast food than organic food, if you prefer processed foods, and salty, you are more likely to have hemorrhoids. Why?

Hemorrhoids are mostly caused by the passage of hard stool along the anus. The hard stool scratches and irritates the veins and the skin around the anus area causing the veins to become swollen. You can get hard stools if your diet consists of fatty foods, salty foods, and processed foods with low fiber. Lack of fiber in your diet hardens the stools. Coffee and alcoholic beverages even worsen the szenario.

Most people often self-medicate when they get hemorrhoids. There are various over the counter creams for this problem available. Other hemorrhoid creams, however, need to be prescribed by your doctor. There are many types depending on the result if we compare hemorrhoids creams.

One type is the astringent cream which has astringent as an ingredient. It can also contain aloe vera gel and hazel extract. The main function of a stringent hemorrhoids cream is to provide coolness to the affected area and keep the blood circulation flow smooth.

Another type is the anesthetic hemorrhoids cream which is to relieve the pain. Anesthetic ingredients block receptors from sending pain signals to the brain so you would only have minimal pain. Anesthetic creams should be used with other creams as it only alleviates the pain but does not directly treat the hemorrhoids.

Vasoconstrictor cream, as the name suggests, constricts the veins to make it smaller and less inflamed. The cream achieves this by reducing the flow of blood to the affected area. Ingredients that are common to vasoconstrictor creams are phenylephrine, ephedrine, and epinephrine.

One of the most common over the counter medication for hemorrhoids is the steroidal cream which has ingredients like hydrocortisone. This ingredient is anti-inflammatory in nature. It is not recommended to use hydrocortisone based medication because it causes thinning of the anal tissue. It should only be used in crisis or extreme pain.

Other creams are analgesic which are pain killers and anti-pruritic which is anti-itch. Ingredients common in this type of cream are camphor and menthol. There are also herbal based creams available today.

If you compare the hemorrhoids cream offers by yourself, you might end causing more damage than cure. Before using any medication, you should first consult your doctor.

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