Bleeding Hemorrhoids Cream That Helps Fast

Many Americans, in fact around 89 percent, are plagued with hemorrhoids at one time or another.

At times swollen and inflamed hemorrhoids do bleed. To get immediate relief one should carefully apply a bleeding hemorrhoids cream, ideally one prescribed by your doctor.

Hemorrhoids are caused by hard stool that makes the tissues and veins in the anus and rectum area swollen and painful. They are very painful and make bowel movement difficult. One gets hard stool after eating foods with low fibers. In our age of processed and fast food, it is almost inevitable that very many people will experience this painful trouble. Maybe in the future someone will setup a fiber hamburger restaurant.

Pregnancy may also be a cause for bleeding hemorrhoids as the additional weight puts pressure on the abdomen. Being obese or overweight produces the same effect – excess weight causes more pressure which results in rough bowel movement. Anal intercourse may also be a culprit.

Sometimes, the hard stool, combined with the already inflamed veins, may cause the skin to tear, causing a so called anal fissure. It is something like a cut on the anal tissue that very often causes bleeding. Bleeding hemorrhoids can also be caused by internal hemorroids that take place in the anal canal.

If you experience the bleeding type, you should immediately get checked by your doctor because rectal bleeding can be caused as well by other sicknesses such as cancer.

If you only experience milder pain and distress, you can use a bleeding hemorrhoids cream to ease the pain and help make you comfortable. Many creams need to be prescribed by doctors so it is always best to go and have a check-up first before self medicating.

Over the counter medicines for are also available but contain less active ingredients. Take note that a good bleeding hemorrhoids cream does not make the problem go away, the medication only helps in providing relief from pain as the body is healing from the cuts and inflammation.

To treat your bleeding hemorroids, you need to begin a two-step treatment. First you have to treat it itself by applying your chosen hemorrhoids cream. There are also herbal hemorrhoids creams that help in lubricating the anus making bowel movements easier. A good bleeding hemorrhoids cream has active ingredients that work on the inflamed veins and skin.

The second step is to change your diet. Eat more high-fiber foods to make your stool softer. Do not forget to drink a minimum of eight glasses of pure water to soften the fiber inside your bowels. There are also available supplements that you can take for lubricating your stools.

Bleeding hemorroid creams contain binder ingredients that help apply the active ingredient and also lubricate. There are many types of creams. One such type is the astringent hemorroid cream which may contain calamine, aloe vera gel, and hazel extract. Astringents are helping in increasing the circulation of the blood around the infected area and also cooling it from the burning sensation.

There are also creams that work as anesthetic and make the area numb by blocking the pain receptors. Vasoconstrictor hemorrhoids cream, on the other hand, helps to reduce the flow of blood and help make the veins smaller. The other types of creams are steroidal cream, anti-pruritic creams and analgesic creams. After consultation with your doc each of these can be used as a bleeding hemorrhoids cream.

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